How To Win Against Multiple Offers

5 things to help your offer stand out from the pack.


1. Experience Counts:

Find an agent to represent you who has experience in this type of competitive market & will communicate well with the listing agent – the listing agents holds the keys to the kingdom (A.K.A. your dream home) so a good working relationship is important.


2. Keep it Simple:

Write a ‘clean’ offer. This means with as few contingencies as possible. If you must have a financing contingency, have your agent speak with your lender and find out how quickly your loan can get approved. (This is why getting pre-approved is so important.) Do you have time to do an inspection BEFORE writing the offer?


3. Cooperate:

If the listing agent/seller asks for a Financial Statement, provide one.You want to show them you are a ‘sure thing’, the more you can do to assure them that your offer will be smooth sailing right thru settlement, the better your chances of getting your offer accepted.


4. Creativity:

Find out what the seller wants. . . Closing date preference–quick or delayed? As-is condition? Preferred title company? Little things can go a long way to show the sellers you will be easy to work with.


5. Personal Note:

There are many opinions on this, but the fact is Sellers want the buyers to like them and (of course) like the house. A personal note goes a long way to convey to the sellers just how much their house means to you.


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